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apparel printing

Direct to Garment and Other Digital Printing Technologies

Apparel Printing Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing is still relatively new. It is a huge leap forward in the way full-color printing on apparel is accomplished. But here are still things you can do with screen printing that DTG just can not do. Exact color matching is a bit of a problem. You are also limited when it comes to the choice of inks. You cannot do Glitters, Shimmers, Foils, etc., like you can with screenprints.

There is a soft touch to Direct to Garment Printing. In this technology, the high-quality printers that we use spray the water-based inks onto the garment. The ink then soaks into the fibers of the garment. In screen printing, the ink is applied to the top of the garment. Thus there is an entirely different feel.
Are you interested in cost? If you are looking to get a couple of things printed, say under 25 pieces. Then the most economical route is DTG. Besides volume, it is important to research namber of colors and whether the fabric is polyester and a dark or light fabric.

Quality is another important factor. If your looking to reproduce a photograph, Direct to Garment is precisely what you want. Our DTG printer produces clean, crisp detail with no limitation on the number of colors. Great when you’re reproducing small text. And regardless of what is being printed, the process is always soft to the touch.

Full-Color Heat Transfer

High-resolution images at 1200 by 600 dots per inch.  We output full-color transfers in high-definition digital color.  If you are interested in your own custom design transfers they can be applied to almost anything.  Sold by the sheet or individually.  My be heat pressed onto hundreds of garments or items.

apparel printing with direct to garment

full color, no minimum

fast, cost effective

any product, any quantity

caps, shirts, more

no set-up, no minimum

just one or for the whole team